DRT Enterprises, Inc.

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Burial Services

In Ground

  • Opening and closing of burial site
  • Installation of casket liners and vaults 
  • Formal dressing of burial site
  • Placement and and lowering of casket / urn


  • Removal and placement of marble, granite or designated headstone/cover
  • Crypt opening and sealing
  • Niche opening and sealing

Site Development

  • Pre-need installation of in-ground garden crypts
  • Assistance with family estate mausoleum construction

I really can't thank Dan enough for everything he and his team have done for my family in the wake of my husband's death. My entire world suddenly fell apart and there is no way I would have been able to put together such an elaborate service in such a short amount of time without the expertise of DRT. From beginning to end they have gone above and beyond. I am so, so thankful. 

Doris H - San Bruno, CA

Other Cemetery Services